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Line 125: Line 125:
 //7/We have to configure consent screen first:// //7/We have to configure consent screen first://
 //#Press on **Configure consent Screen** then continue// //#Press on **Configure consent Screen** then continue//
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 //#Your Client ID// //#Your Client ID//
-//11/////Go to **Admin Dashboard/​Socials Integration/​Google**, start configuring////://​+//​11///// ​On Credentials tab, click on credential name hyperlink, start configuring////://​
 //The Client Id on Google:// //The Client Id on Google://
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 //Your Login Page and Sign Up Page should be looking like this, with Facebook and Google button// //Your Login Page and Sign Up Page should be looking like this, with Facebook and Google button//
 +===== Twitter App Integration tutorial =====
 +1/ Go to [[https://​​|https://​​]]
 +2/ Create New App and fill the all fields
 +3/ After filling info, click on "​Create your Twitter application"​ button
 +4/ Receive the successfully creation message
 +5/ Go to 'Keys and Access Tokens"​ tab to get API key and API secret info
 +6/ Access your site, go to Admin Dashboard/ System Admin/ Social Integration/​ Twitter
 +#1: Input API key and API secret info on step 5
 +#2: Input public_profile,​ email, user_friends to Scope textbox
 +#3: Input [url your website]/​social/​auths/​endpoint/​twitter?​hauth.done=Twitter
 +Then, click on Save Settings button. Complete Twitter integration process.
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