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mooSocial 2.2.1 – Social Network software with revenue generating capabilities Here we are again with joy and pride to announce the new release of mooSocial v2.2.1. With our social network software, you can now generate income thru membership subscription. It also includes an enterprise class PayPal payment integration which offers unlimited capabilities supporting many different payment types. Your users will also be more engaged with newly available social capabilities.


Components Included:

  PayPal Adaptive Payments enables you to receive, send money in many different scenarios, from simple to complex. As an Application Owner, You can be the receiver, receiving money directly from sender or be able to act as a facilitator facilitating payments between senders and receivers. Click here for more info on PayPal Adaptive Payments. mooSocial with integrated PayPal Adaptive is capable of these types of payments:
      Simple payments enable a sender to send a single payment to a single receiver. For example, your website can use an Adaptive Payments payment flow to transfer money resulting from a sale from your customer’s PayPal account to your own account. This is the traditional kind of payment.
      Parallel payments enable a sender to send a single payment to multiple receivers. For example, your application might be a shopping cart that enables a buyer to pay for items from several merchants with one payment. Your shopping cart allocates the payment to merchants that actually provided the items. PayPal then deducts money from the sender’s account and deposits it in the receivers’ accounts.
      Chained payments enable a sender to send a single payment to a primary receiver. The primary receiver keeps part of the payment and pays secondary receivers the remainder. For example, your application could be an online travel agency that handles bookings for airfare, hotel reservations, and car rentals. The sender sees only you as the primary receiver. You allocate the payment for your commission and the actual cost of services provided by other receivers. PayPal then deducts money from the sender’s account and deposits it in both your account and the secondary receivers’ accounts.
      Note: Chained payments also include delayed chained payments, in which payments to secondary receivers can be delayed for up to 90 days.
  Membership Subscription with full features. Very flexible, It is capable of one-time or recurring subscription packages for period of days, weeks, months, years or forever. Not only that, it also has the capability to offer free or discounted trials and different pricing plans which make subscribing appealing to potential paying users.
  Hashtag (#) makes it easier for users to find content easier with a specific themes or related content on mooSocial’s social network site. Users can create and use hashtags by placing the hash character (or number sign) # in front of a word or unspaced phrase, either in the main text of a message or at the end. Searching for that hashtag will then present each content that has been tagged with it.
  User Tag allows users on mooSocial network site to tags their friend(s) when sharing a status. It increases content visibility and motivate social interactions among tagged users’ friends. Tagged users can also “unfollow” content to stop notification if the no longer interested in receiving updates on tagged content.
  Bright and Dark Themes are two new free themes added to mooSocial 2.2.1 giving site owners more options to personalize the “look an feel” of their social network sites
  Other Improvements:
      “Order by” setting for Tag widget – Newest, Popular, Random
      Event Listing layout
      Newsfeed Item – Join Group
      Newsfeed Item – New Event
      Newsfeed Item – Friends with
      Refactoring all widgets
      Display widget’s title in default language
      Warning message during Upgrade
      Counter cache for Photos, Events, Video and Groups
      Add counter for Photo upload items on Newsfeed
      Attend Event item on Newsfeed
      Suggestion text for uploading profile avatar and cover picture
      Join Group item on Newsfeed
      Group Improvement
  Bug Fixes:
      Translation link in widgets
      Permission selection for menu item
      Fiends Counter on User’s menu
      Show more/less
      HttpSocket doesn’t look at SSL certificate CN alternatives
      Cross Site Scripting issue
      Landing page notification
      “Invalid Security Code” during SignUp
      “User join site” feed item with Auto-friend enabled
      Drop down menu for iPad’s horizontal view
      Delete groups action deletes non-group videos and topics
      Unable to delete group in Group Manager
      Upload Avatar field for Signup widget
      Invite to join group via email
      Internal Error when deleting items or users in Admin Dashboard
      Default Home Feed setting
      Share URL auto converts from http to https when in SSL mode
      Edit link in Menu Manager
      Auto set new album cover when cover photo is deleted
      Add requester’s profile url to friend request email template
      Video counter in Group
      Video listing with privacy
      Permission setting in Menu Manager
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