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-====== ​Integrate YouTube API Tutorial ​======+====== ​How to create Google Developer key ======
 ---- ----
-//**1/ Go to** //+This is a how to demonstration to integrate YouTube API with mooSocialThis integration is necessary to allow members to share YouTube'​s videos on mooSocial softwareSite Administrator will need to obtain an API key from Google Developers and save this key in Integration section of Admin Dashboard to successfully complete the process.
-//**2/Login your google ​account & create a project:** //+//**1Go to [[https://​|https://​]] and login using a Google account.** //
-{{:​how_to:​89436c234f76133831943821965869f8.jpg}}+//**2/ Select Create a project(*If you're already had an active project, skip this)** //
-//#Press on **Create A Project** ​//+{{​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/​how_to/​key_1.jpg?​nolink&​1265x335}}
-//**3/Fill in your Project’s Name and Agree for Terms of Service:** //+//**3/ Fill in your Project’s Name then click Create.** //{{https://​​wiki/​lib/​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/​how_to/​key_2.jpg}}
-{{:​how_to:​70a90bdcfb82104792819038a7d0b70c.jpg}}+//**4/ Once your project is created, go to Library of your project ** //
-//#1 Fill in your **Project’s Name** ​//+{{​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/​how_to/​update_key_3.jpg}}
-//#2 **Create** //+//**5/ ****And enable "​Google Maps JavaScript API", "​Google Places API Web Service",​ "​Google Maps Geocoding API" and "​YouTube Data API"** //// //
-//**4/After your project is done creating, go to APIs & auth/APIs of your project:​** ​//+{{​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/how_to/key_4.jpg}}
-{{:​how_to:​c0544c8c3eecbc371e6e9ae65a0d57e5.jpg}}+After services enabled
-#1 Go to **APIs Tab**+{{https://​​wiki/​lib/​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/​how_to/​update_key_5.jpg}}
-#2 Select ​**YouTube APIs**+//**6/ Go to Credentials tab, hover mouse on the Create credentials,​ select API key option** //
-//**5/Enable your youtube data API:​** ​//+{{​lib/​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/how_to/key_6.jpg}}
-{{:how_to:​24b38848df122b31ae84d41715025ac3.jpg}}+//**7/**** User will be provided with an API key** //// //{{https://​​wiki/​lib/​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/​how_to/key_7.jpg?​nolink&​1267x599}}
-//#Press on **Enable API** then continue//+//**8/**** Input the received key to Admin Dashboard --> System Settings --> Intergration tab. Below is example is for Google Developer Key.** //// //
-//**6/Go to your Credentials settings and click on Create New Key:​** ​//+{{​lib/​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/how_to/key_8.jpg}}
-{{:​how_to:​e8479143776934c36d5ccad93fc92ede.jpg}} +You are now successfully integrated YouTube Data API v3 with mooSocial!
- +
-//# ////Select **Create new Key** to start// +
- +
-//​**7/​Select Browser Key and continue:** // +
- +
-{{:​how_to:​cc99da1d4181f6bafc69563f8d191221.jpg}} +
- +
-//#Select **Browser key** then continue//​ +
- +
-//**8/Leave the ** ////​**referrers blank and finish creation:** // +
- +
-{{:​how_to:​545428f0b41cfd2a54ae02422ad3823b.jpg}} +
- +
-//#1 Leave Referrers blank// +
- +
-//#2 Press **Create** // +
- +
-//​**9/​Review your Key, it should be looking like this:** // +
- +
-{{:​how_to:​ebea8267b9120e49346eccb53bea0c4b.jpg}} +
- +
-//**10/Go to Admin Dashboard/​System Settings/​Integration,​ copy your key and save:** // +
- +
-{{:​how_to:​12a4abd21977b775c7e8c4ca0a23ca8a.jpg}} +
- +
-//#1 Copy the **API key** from Google and then paste it into your **Google Developer Key**‘s field located in [Admin Home/System Settings/​Integration]//​ +
- +
-//#2 **Save settings**.//​+
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