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-====== Upgrading mooSocial ====== 
-Upgrading mooSocial is even a simpler process than installing. There are a few things you need to know and do before the upgrading process. 
-=== Know === 
-  * Access to your web server (via shell, cPanel, DirectAdmin,​ Plesk or FTP) 
-  * An FTP client such as [[https://​|FileZilla]] 
-  * Your Web browser of choice 
-=== Do === 
-  * Download the latest release available of mooSocial 
-  * Unzip the downloaded file on your hardrive 
-  * Make sure to backup your files and database before upgrading 
-  * Do take your site offline using "Take Site Offline"​ and "​Offline Message"​ in System Settings 
-  * It is recommended that you create a mirror site then do the upgade there first. Once everything is ok, proceed to upgrade the live site. 
-===== Video =====  
-(Coming Soon) 
-===== File Upload ===== 
-Upload all files and folders within mooSocial directory to the same location where the previous version was installed so that the new files overwrites existing ones.  
-**Note:** If your FTP client has an option to convert file names to lower case, make sure it's disabled. 
-===== Upgrading Wizard ===== 
-Run the Upgrading Wizard by accessing the Upgrade URL in the web browser. This should be  http://​​upgrade or http://​​index.php/​upgrade (without mod_rewrite) 
-==== Step 1: Start the Upgrade Process ===== 
-Make sure to backup your files and database before proceeding. Click **Proceed** 
-==== DONE! ===== 
-Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded mooSocial. Enjoy the latest and greatest! 
-Back to [[:​documentation:​table_of_contents|Table of Contents]] 
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