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Languages Manager

//__I/How to install new language:__ // ======== //__1. How to install new language for your mooSocial:__ //

When you already had the language package, then put the language folder into [yourmoofolder/app/locale]

Example, we added Spanish language:


#Copy the language folder to [yourmoofolder/app/locale/]

Now go to Admin Dashboard/Site Manager/Languages Manager/Not Installed Languages, press install button:


#Pressing 'Install' to start installing new language.

Wait for the package installed successfully.


#The Languages list

Done, now you can see at front-end:


#The Spanish has been added.

//__2. How to install new language for mooSocial plugin:__ //

Same as “1. How to install new language for your mooSocial”, change path to upload new language:

Upload the new language folder to [yourmoofolder/app/Plugin/“Plugin name”/Locale]

//__II/Languages Manager:__ //

Languages Manager located in [Admin Dashboard/Site Manager/Languages Manager/]. Admin can manage Languages, add new Languages.


#Languages manager layout

You can delete a language, simply just click on the trash bin icon at 'Actions' column:


#Press on trash bin icon to delete a language.

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