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Manage Subscribers


At Manage Subscribers page, you can see for:

-Subscribers usernames

-Subscribed date


-Member level



At Status Column, this is where the status of member's subscription will be displayed.


#Status column

With many status, admin can easily making decision for users.

#Status List

Action Column, where admin taking his actions for user

-View User Subscription detail:

#Click on Detail button at Action Column to view User Detail.

#User Subscription Detail

With Action column, Admin can set users subcriptions status.

Example, admin sets an expired user to be active:


#At Action Column, press on dropdown button and select your decision, in this case, we select Active to active this user.

After selected Active, there will be a confirmation displayed

#Actions confirmation

Everything next is just confirm the decision and that user will be in Active status.

Note: Users with Initial status cannot be changed, Initial status reflects users are not subscribed to any package/plan, Admin cannot select package/plan for users.

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