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1/Require Email Validation: Enable to force user validate registration via email. After registration complete, user will see message mentioned about validate his email. Users cannot create new items until validated.


#The message shows to users that have not been validated at Page Header.


#This message shows to users when he trying to create new item.

2/Enable SSL Mode:

3/Approve Users: With this setting enabled, the new users that registered must be approved by admin in order to do activities. While under admin’s approval, everything that limit to unapproved users will be displayed as an error message.


#The error message displayed to unapproved users when accessing limited activities.

-How to Approve users: Go to Admin Dashboard/Users Manager:


#1 Search for user that you want to approve, by name or email.

#2 Check for Approval status

#3 Check in.

#4 Press on Approve button

4/reCAPTCHA: Please read reCAPTCHA Integration tutorials for specific settings.

5/Ban IP Addresses: Ban IPs from connecting to your site.

6/Ban Email Addresses: Ban Email addresses from connecting to your site

7/Remove Admin Link: Remove Admin Dashboard link from user’s menu.

8/Restricted Usernames: Names that you don’t want users to have.

9/Enable Registration code: When enabled, users must enter correct registration code in order to register.

10/Registration Code: The code for users to register when Enable Registration Code is enabled.

-How To Set:

Go to Admin Dashboard/System Settings/Security and find for:


#1 Enable Registration Code

#2 Input Registration Code

#3 Save Settings

Now the user must provide this code ‘123456?a’ as above to register.


#User must input Registration Code to Register

11/Enable Spam Challenges: Please read Spam Challenge article for more details.

*Press Save Settings after made changes.

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