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Changes in mooSocial version 2.1.3

mooSocial version 2.1.3 is aimed to address all critical bugs found in previous versions and to provide a stable version to be used for the next upgrade. It also contains some improvements in Theme, Layout Editor and Core. See below for a complete changelog. Please make sure to read the Important Notes as this version might affect the use of mooSocial after upgrading.

This version includes all changes in previous versions. Incremental upgrade is not required.


  • Admin Dashboard
    • Improve Admin Notification in Admin Dashboard
  • Theme
    • Layout improvement for Reset Password page
    • Auto resize main column when left or right column is empty
    • Improve photo viewing on mobile devices
  • Layout Editor
    • Removing number of items on Today's birthday block
    • Highlight selected layout in Edit Columns
    • Page list is sorted in alphabetical order
    • Improve “people you may know” widget listing
    • Restrict related blocks/widgets to certain pages
    • Improve block order for header and footer sections
    • Restrict Admin from deleting core pages
  • Core
    • Allows upgrading process executes a callback function for each version
    • Improve Today's Birthday Widget
      • Popup view of all friends with the same birthday
      • Ability to write birthday wishes on the same popup
      • Ability to send private message from Today's Birthday popup

Bugs Fixes

  • Admin Dashboard
    • SQL error when deleting multiple topic in Topic Manager
    • Issues when editing users in User Manager (change password, feature users, notification and popups)
    • Issue when moving topic to a different categories in Admin Dashboard
  • Core
    • Date and time of old content failed to show after upgrading to v2.1.2 when hosting on a Windows environment
    • Issue on sharing status on “What's new” widget
    • Warning errors when upgrading from 2.0.2
    • Issues when viewing feed detail
    • Save profile changes was redirected to Admin Dashboard
  • Layout Editor
    • “What's New” is is shown doubled on certain pages when “load more” button is pressed
    • Issues when saving content in Edit Page Info
    • Theme & Languages widget failed to show on numerous pages
    • “Undefined” blocks/widgets when click save changes before editing
    • Widgets/blocks still shown (top or bottom) when different column layout (do not have top or bottom) is used
    • Enable Title for “What's new” block does not work
    • Issue when adding blocks/widget to Custom Pages
    • Issue adding left or right block to SignUp and SignIn pages
    • Notice error when saving Page info
    • Issue when applying new layout for custom pages
  • Pages
    • Pages no longer show on Main menu after upgrading
    • Load more comments issues in custom pages
  • Theme
    • “Load More” button is not evenly spaced when footer is used
    • Bullet icon appears in popups (“Add People” in Conversations)
    • Avatar failed to show in Invite email
    • Misaligned “Load more” button on photo slider
    • Misaligned right columns in Admin Dashboard
    • Spacing issues between blocks in User Profile page
    • Spacing issues between blocks in Landing page
    • CSS issue with video thumbnails in Video Listing
    • CSS issue with friend's block

Important Notes - Please Read!!!

  • This version includes all changes in previous versions. Incremental upgrade is not required.
  • “What's New” can only be dragged and dropped into Landing page
  • Blocks or widgets will be hidden until content is available
  • Please make sure to backup your files and database before upgrading your site! It is recommended that you create a mirror site then do the upgade there first. Once everything is ok, proceed to upgrade the live site.
  • Upgrading from previous version
    • Please make sure to save contents of your HTML block(s) and record the current location of all blocks used before upgrading. All “Drag N' Drop” blocks will be reset to it's original state as you would see with a fresh install of mooSocial version 2.1.3. We have to reset “Drag N' Drop” blocks in order to eliminate all found issues associated with blocks and to avoid any potential persisting problems after upgrading your site to mooSocial version 2.1.3.

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