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Changes in mooSocial version 2.1.5

mooSocial v2.1.5 includes many CSS fixes to our Default Theme. It also restores some missing features which was unintentionally left out from previous versions such as the ability to reorder the main menu or the ability arrange custom profile fields.

This version includes all changes in previous versions. Incremental install/upgrade is not required.


  • Improved Private Message dropdown with scrollable contents.
  • Improved visibility of unread messages and add a “Mark All as Read” button in Conversation listing.
  • Improved ability for group admin to delete group
  • Improved Notification counter

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed ordering ability for Site Menu (plugins and pages) by Drag 'n Drop
  • Fixed ordering ability Custom Profile Fields by Drag 'n Drop
  • Fixed permission to show or hide a Page or Plugin(s) for user groups
  • Fixed multiple duplicate emails sent for Notification Summary
  • Fixed ability to delete album
  • Fixed Invite Friends title pop-up is duplicate when user click invite more friends
  • Fixed unauthorized change to event's or group's avatar by sending a crafted post request without having admin permission of the group or event.
  • Fixed unable to reply to Private Message on Safari Browser
  • Fixed unable to reopen topic's attached image(s)
  • Fixed broken avatar of suggested friends on Invite Friends
  • Fixed issue saving Spam Challenges
  • Fixed loop when saving thumbnails
  • Fixed multiple CSS issues on Default theme (many to list)

Notes - Please Read!!!

  • This version includes all changes in previous versions. Incremental install/upgrade is not required.
  • “What's New” can only be dragged and dropped into Landing page
  • Blocks or widgets will be hidden until content is available
  • Please make sure to backup your files and database before upgrading your site! It is recommended that you create a mirror site then do the upgade there first. Once everything is ok, proceed to upgrade the live site.
  • Upgrading from version(s) prior to 2.1.3
    • Please make sure to save contents of your HTML block(s) and record the current location of all blocks used before upgrading. All “Drag N' Drop” blocks will be reset to it's original state as you would see with a fresh install of mooSocial version 2.1.3. We have to reset “Drag N' Drop” blocks in order to eliminate all found issues associated with blocks and to avoid any potential persisting problems after upgrading your site to mooSocial version 2.1.3.

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